Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I reckon

A volcano erupted in Auckland. And when all the scientists went to go test all the dirt and rocks and slightly hardened lava, they found some sort of chemical for medicine but there wasn't much of it, with the chemical they created a cure for cancer. But because there wasn't much of the stuff they found in the eruption they couldn't make much of the cure which made the cure for cancer all more expensive so only the rich could afford it which then created tension between both rich and poor. The rich took all of the medicine and because the poor couldn't afford it anyways they were given the option to die when they wanted or live the rest of their life they had left. Lots of the people who couldn't afford it chose to die instead of suffering. And after that the world was running out on the cancer cure so scientists starting researching where else they could get the chemical but didn't manage to find it, what they did find is that there were surveillance cameras everywhere that caught everything, from the eruption to the suicide interviews. The scientists were given permission to let the interviews out to the world. The whole situation was turned into a documentary about cancer called “To die or to live”.

By Karly and Rebecca.

Monday, May 1, 2017

kurawha te tanuku

Kurawha te tanuku
The story of my middle name

I don't know the tribe but i know that the men in the tribe were out and so british men came to try take the land but they had to do something so kurawha te tanuku stood up for her tribe and did a haka, as she yelled it from the top of her lungs. (This was to show how much the land meant).
But they still were trying to take their land, they grabbed the woman and forced them to the ground, so kurawha screamed out “this is our land you may not take it from us/from me” (gasped for air)  
“Our people have bled, died and killed on this land,this land grew with our ancestors they saved this land from destruction”.
Then once again kurawha did the haka, but this time all the woman joined in.
All though the white people didn’t know their language, they knew that it was their land and that they would do anything to get it.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Creative writing

Make the sentence creative
By Rebecca Colbert

1.It was a nice day at the beach:

Blinded  by the strong beam of light  scattered  across the long blue carpet, the sand sparkles with a nice sense of a salty sea.

2.The dog went back to its owner:

The dog ran past the cars dodging all  the rubbish gushing past his face to come across his owner calling his name.

3.Maria boarded the plane to go home:

Waiting at the airport  she watched as thousands of people engaged with their family, and the it was her turn to make her way to that one plane again.

4.the climber reached the top of the mountain:

Half way up the air still urging me to go on, leading me to the top till suddenly the best view i had ever seen before, hit me like a fountain of rain.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Rebecca"s journal

Me now :

I hope i can get a good job and be a singer.
My fears are to live without my family, to have no friends and to die allown.
My dreams are to be a dancer, singer and to live a long life.
My concerns are, if my family disliked each other.
I like music, dance, art and my family & friends.
I like my hair and dislike my body.
I am proud of my family members living with my other family members.
I think about a lot of things but most of all life.
What bothers me is that my brother and sister left me by my self in nz.
I don’t know who i am so i’ll get back to you.

What i do:

I like to write my own songs, do art and listen to music.
I like to play netball and rugby.
I like to take my friends to my house and go to theirs.
I like BBQ, BK, Mc D, KFC and i like to eat  my mum’s food.
My mum will send me away when she wants to go away so i go to my friends a lot.

My world:

My house is a pretty big house right now but we are looking at moving.
My bedroom is the second smallest in the house even though it’s just me now.
Now i’m at rotorua girls high school.
I live in Rerewhakaaitu.
I live outside of  Rotor.
I’m Maori.
I have a cat and a guinea pig.

My special place:

My special place is where my nanny's ashes were scattered.

This is important to me because i can go there and talk to her and we have B.B.Q there to celebrate.